Sunday, October 30, 2011

Photographic Study - Bamboo Forest and Waimoku Falls

On Wednesday, we took the famous Road to Hana.  Over 600 curves and 50 one-lane bridges! Fifty two miles took us about two and one-half hours to traverse. We stopped the car only a couple of times because yours truly begged to photograph of a couple of the numerous waterfalls we drove by. 

The men had their sights on the Bamboo Forest of Haleakala National Park and made a B-line for that. I couldn't be this close to what used to be called the "Seven Sacred Pools" and not even see them, so while the men hiked up to the Bamboo Forest, I hiked down to the pools.

And so did everyone else!

Too many bodies for me! I went the other way to a spectacular view of the ocean...

... then headed up the Pipiwai Trail to meet up with the men.

A picturesque trail and for the most part, I had it all to myself!

Fifteen minutes into the hike, I realized I should have packed some water! I was getting parched! The men hadn't packed any either, and they were toting all their camera equipment! Note to self: If you ever come again, bring WATER!

A giant Banyon Tree loomed before me. There is no way of showing just how big it really was in a photograph, so you'll just have to trust me; it was GINORMOUS!

About a mile up the trail, I finally came to the unmistakable Bamboo Forest and met some hikers coming down. "Have you seen a coupe of VERY SERIOUS photographers?" I asked. "Yup! They're up around the corner a little ways."

The bamboo forest is incredible. A path has been swathed and a boardwalk built right in the middle. The foliage is so thick that there is very little light inside and as the breeze hits the bamboo, the shoots knock against each other creating mystical music.

I found the men doing what they do.

We didn't stop at the Bamboo Forest, but ventured another .6 miles up. Not all trails have a PRIZE at the end of the path, but this one does!

Waimoku Falls

Of course I ignored the "Falling Rocks" warning and went right up to the bottom of the falls to feel the spray on my face. Ahhhh....
No. I didn't jump into the pool; but I WANTED to!

Took the less traveled way back around rather than the Road from Hana. Drove on dirt for about fifteen miles then had paved road the rest of the way. It really wasn't as bad as some would have believed and saved us a good hour.

Here are Pott's favorite images of the day:

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