Saturday, July 9, 2011

Family Camp-out in the Mountains

LOVE those "GOOD MORNING" faces!

No Fair Hiding!

Which one is made especially for David?


All Better!

Don't eat my bacon!

Okay... You can have it. AND some!

What's that you're drinking, Michael!

Ahhh... It's just ROOT BEER.

Looks as though Matthew's had a little too much of that ROOT BEER!

We hiked a little...

Did some rock climbing...

and some cliff-jumping.
Like Daughter...
Like Father!

Watched the water run off. INTENSE!

Kylie loves her Uncle Mike

And had a GREAT time just being together!


  1. Cute! I need these pictures!

  2. What a memorable time those few days were... It is always good to be together with family. ALWAYS! Nice job putting this together Gammie.