Saturday, June 25, 2011

Two Angel Babies

Our third day of tour I received a call. My niece Sierra had lost her twin baby girls just three weeks or so before they were to be delivered early. She had carried them nearly 29 weeks. My heart broke for her. I knew what it was like to have two little ones squirming inside me... It is pretty intense. On her birthday, June 21, they were fine. That evening, there was no movement. Total stillness? I couldn't imagine the ache she must feel.

I HAD to do something for her. I was finishing up a second pair of little pink booties, but stopped short. Yes, I would still give her little booties, but they needed to be smaller, and white... I would tie them together and frame them in remembrance of her two little angels. 

Jilinda LaRene and Alayna Julienne were delivered stillborn on June 22nd.

Randy, Emily, and I drove to Casper, Wyoming on July 2nd for the funeral service that was held in Seth's parents home. It was sweet and beautiful and uplifting. I was so impressed with Sierra and Seth and the great faith they exhibited. My sister, Linda composed a poem for her little grand-babies. She has given me permission to share it.

Our Angel Babies
Once upon a heaven, and not so long ago
Two precious girls were waiting for arrival here below.
They hugged each other closely with wonder in their eyes
As tiny perfect bodies formed and grew in strength and size.
They wiggled with excitement to be in a family
With kindly loving parents and a brother who was three!
Countless aunts and uncles, grandparents to adore!
So many hearts to love them!  They wanted nothing more.
What fun they’d have together! What wondrous things they’d do
With Dad and Mom and Brother--and they’d have each other, too!

Then Heavenly Father held the girls and told them of His plan
To keep them there with Him in Heaven and not on earth with man.
They looked at Him with tear-filled eyes because they wanted so
To be with their big brother and their parents here below.
“Be patient,” then the Father said, “and you will have your turn
Forever with your family--its something THEY must earn.
And when you’re reunited, and it won’t take very long,
It then will be FOREVER and all sorrow will be gone!”
So now the girls are waiting, and so obediently
To be finally with their brother and their earthly family.
Alayna and Jilinda are watching from above
And both are very anxious to embrace us with their love.
                                                                                                     Written by their “Gammie” Linda Seaman 2 July 2011

Sierra and Seth, we send you our love and pray for God's healing arms to enfold you. Thank you for inviting us to be with you on this very sacred occasion. You have inspired us to be "better" and to hang on tightly to those we love.


  1. Thank you for this post, Kathryn. I'm so glad you were able to make it. It was so great to have you, Emily, and Randy there. We love you and loved having your hugs and support in Casper. The booties are beautiful and will be displayed in our home. Love you lots!

  2. How tender is that poem? How tender are you to make those sweet sweet booties? I'm sure they felt lots of love holding them up through this difficult time. I'm so glad you are family to me if I ever needed you.