Thursday, June 16, 2011


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For the first four days after hyper-extending my knee at our family volleyball game my left knee puffed up about twice the size of my right, and most days since Memorial Day I've had difficulty with it. Intense pain some days, not so bad others. I have waited to see the doctor hoping that it would just fix on its own. I've iced it and babied it, but it didn't seem to be getting much better AND I leave for tour in less than a week.

Two days ago, I had a VERY bad day and finally gave in. Thought I'd better find out what in the world was going on before next week. Dr. Bourne said he was 90% sure (without doing an MRI) I had torn the medial meniscus. If it is torn on the outside edge where there is a blood supply, there is a chance it could scar over on its own.  If in 3 weeks, the swelling hasn't gone away, then I will have to have the MRI and surgery.

As far as tour goes, he suggested I take an ice pack, ibuprofen, and a good book. I might want to forgo most of the sight-seeing. (There isn't a time for much of that anyway.)

Funny thing is - It hasn't hurt half as much since the visit. I don't think it wants to see THE KNIFE. :o)


  1. My meniscus tear was in the outer third where there is a blood supply and it healed much faster!(but I did end up having surgery) Have fun on tour! I hope you're going somewhere incredible!

  2. Dr. Robert Bourne? Todd saw him and is now scheduled for an ACL repair in Aug. with Dr. Michael Bourne. St. Mark's Orthopedic Clinic is a class act! I had surgery in 2002 by Dr. Marc Mariani. GOOD LUCK!!!!