Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day. The Annual Collier Family and Friends Softball-turned-Volleyball Game and Picnic

It had rained for one week straight. The ball diamond was pure mud. Even a sun dance wouldn't bring out the warming rays. So this year we had to "punt"... or... "bump"I guess you'd have to call it since we played volleyball and all.

We divided into four teams. My brother, David, chose me (thanks, David!) and I played my little heart out for about three minutes until I jumped up to return a volley and landed wrong on my way back down, hyper-extending my knee. It buckled and I was flat on the ground. That was the extent of my ball playing this year.  sigh. 

So... I grabbed a camera and hobbled around taking photographs instead.

After a few games played and this year's winning team declared, Taylors brought out the giant ball for the BIG GAME.

CRAZY fun!

Best maneuvered by more than one person or it's libel to flatten you!


It's a tradition for the two of us to furnish the polish sausages and hot dogs with all the fixin's and a five-gallon bucket of home-made root beer. The meal is rounded out with a variety of delicious potluck side dishes. What a spread!

Its a favorite family tradition, that's for sure!

P.S. Yes, my left knee is about twice the size of my right. I've got ice packs on it now.... Time will tell, I suppose.

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