Wednesday, June 15, 2011

At War!

The magpies and me --- We're AT WAR!

This morning they pulled the seedlings out of my vegetable garden and had the audacity to just leave them lying there. And this was the SECOND time I have planted!

AND they stole my not-quite-ripe strawberries!!

AND they dug a hole in my bag of charcoal and strewed them all over the patio!!!

AND they stripped my first trampoline of its threads and left the springs dangling!!!!

AND they tease my dog!!!!!

AND they leave their messes on my patio furniture!!!!!!

AND they sit outside our bedroom window LAUGHING at me!!!!!!!

Randy suggested I kill one and leave it hanging there for all the others to see.

Me? I just strung CD's in the yard to glisten in the sun and hopefully intimidate them.

Do you think that will keep them away?

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