Sunday, May 24, 2009

Knew Knitting

Lylie and Kylie spent the evening with us and were the perfect models to show off the sweaters I've just finished knitting. I decided to use up some of the yarn I've had around for a while; its so easy to accumulate too much. It's oozing out of my sewing room right now and I've just got to use some up before I buy any more!
I am drawn to this color of green -- so pretty with Kylie's big blue eyes.
This sweater is knit with bulky yarn on big needles. Fun and quick to whip up. The girls had such a great time Posing for Potts.  
Oh, and I wonder just whose skinny ankles these are? Well at least SOMETHING is still skinny!


  1. those sweaters are so cute! When I have some time I will have to learn how to knit sweaters from an expert like you!

  2. wow, wow and another BIG wow!