Friday, May 29, 2009

Come Fly with Me

When we can get tickets for $50 each way, we head straight for Seattle to see these little munchkins.

Oh how Sadie loves her mommy! She is happiest when she is in Jenni's arms. Mine just wouldn't do...
...until about day three; then she warmed up to me a little bit and realized that Gammie is her friend...
...and gives her another set of arms to snuggle in.
Little did we know when we booked our tickets that Jenni and Mark would be closing on their very first home our last day there. Wish we could have stayed to help them move the big stuff, but at least we were able to receive a grand tour of their new place.
Payton had a blast watering HIS new yard.
Yes, their new hardwood entryway was given a good wet shower. I was proud of Jenni, she just took it in stride. I'm sure she realized that there would soon be many more events to "break in" her new house and make it a "home".

A house is made
of walls and beams;
A home is built
with love and dreams.


  1. Cute posts mom...I need these pictures when you get a chance. I still need to post about this one.

  2. Plus we love having you guys here so come back soon. The kids miss you.