Friday, September 14, 2012

It's Baby Time Again!

Introducing - 

Aiden Kent Collier
Born September 13, 2012
To Michael and Desiree
8 lbs. 3 oz.

Desiree was induced a week before her due date. It took about 9 hours for her to dilate completely, but when she reached the magic number she pushed for just 7 minutes and there he was! 

I had a terribly hectic day; it was SO frustrating to be too busy to be at the hospital - Symphony rehearsal in Salt Lake in the morning, recording session in the afternoon in Alpine, and a Symphony concert in Ogden that night. Michael notified me of Aiden’s birth just minutes before the concert began. I had some difficulty focusing on what I was doing, that’s for sure! I called as soon as I was out. I was so envious of Potts who was there at the hospital holding him in his arms! By the time I returned to Sandy, it would be 11:00 pm!

Friday morning, I drove straight to the hospital as soon as I was finished with my early-morning  Coil MRI (which I didn’t have to finish because of technical difficulties. YIPEE!) Aiden was WIDE awake in his daddy’s arms. He is beautiful and healthy and perfect! Lots of darkish hair -- he reminds me of Michael when he was born. I cuddled with him for the next hour or so and he fell asleep in my arms.

Jenni’s baby is next; I have to wait an entire three months for her! I’m kind of in a grand baby mood. This is so much fun!

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