Monday, September 24, 2012

Grape Juice Day

I invited Evylee and Ethan to spend the day with me. I hadn’t had the opportunity to help Dez out much since Aiden was born and figured she might enjoy a day alone with her new little one. I became a bigger help than anticipated as Aiden had a high fever and ended up in the hospital.

Evylee and Ethan and I picked the very ripe and ready Concord grapes in my backyard. They smelled so good on the vine; Ethan figured they must taste good too. He ate about as many as he contributed to the bucket - seeds and all!

We picked two big buckets full, harvested them off their stems and produced 10 jars of concentrated deliciousness! 

Each year I wonder why I go to all the trouble -- until I taste the finished product. There is nothing like it!

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