Sunday, August 28, 2011

On the Road Again

What? Four free days and no trip planned? We'd better create one, don't you think.

Payton's turning six and sent us an invitation to his Super Hero party. Flights to Seattle are over $600 per person round trip. I think I'll drive... ALONE if I have to. That was all it took and Potts was with me on the road.

Steeple Chase

We left immediately after Music and the Spoken Word (10:15 am or so) and drove until just before 11:00 am. We wanted to catch church as far north as we could. Lucky for us, we live in Utah and we could see these EVERYWHERE from the freeway.

We jokingly called it our "Steeple Chase"and ended up in Brigham City right in time for an 11:00 Sacrament Meeting. Couldn't have planned it better if we'd tried.

We also caught a sneak peak of what will soon be this:

The Brigham City Temple

The outside structure is nearly finished. It is a beautiful sight.

It's a good 12+-hour drive to Covington -- the Warner home was a welcome destination. Payton and Sadie were already in bed. Jenni and Mark were baking multiple cakes for Payton's big day.

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