Monday, August 15, 2011

Washington D.C. - Wedding Bells

Some friends remain "forever friends" even though time and distance separate. John and Sandi Mumford were neighbors of ours way back in our Boise days. He was our dentist there, and she? -- a friend of the best kind. Our two youngest girls and her boys were the same age and fast buddies. Two years after they moved in, they moved out, but we've kept in contact with each other time and again. 

Their youngest, Catherine, was to be married in the Washington D.C. Temple in August. Sandi called and asked if Randy would be willing to come and photograph the event. They would be happy to fly us BOTH there for the special occasion. We were SO excited! Besides seeing Mumfords again, we would be just two hours away from our Emily and her Joe and A.J.! Of course we said, YES!

Then...  Joe's brother called. He had just offered his hand  to Rebecca and they were to be married in just THREE WEEKS in the Washington D.C. Temple.  Would Randy consider coming to take photographs? It just so happened that event was just two days before the Mumford's big day.  We changed our flight to the red-eye on Friday night. After my concert and Randy's prior appointment we were off! (Lucky us, we were upgraded to the big comfortable chairs of first class. Sorry I don't remember much, I was out like a light the entire trip.)

D.C. Wedding #1
Keith and Rebecca Fairbank

What a treat to see Emily and Joe again! They picked us up from the airport and took us here there and everywhere. Thanks for the limo service, you two!
And our little A.J.! Couldn't get enough of him. He's growing up so fast!
Randy doing what Randy does.
Randy let me play around with his second camera.

With just three weeks to prepare, Keith and Rebecca planned just the temple ceremony and a luncheon for family. Very smart couple. I think most of us would do just that if we had it all to do over again.

D.C. Wedding #2
Scott and Catherine Daly

Randy let me play around with his second camera again...
One thousand hand-made origami cranes for one thousand years of happiness and prosperity.

... until he needed a flash rack (that was me.)

Catherine's grandfather custom made a some personalized Randy and Kathryn cartoons on reception napkins. Pretty cute!

 "Enough Light Now?"

 "What do you say... after this shoot it's back to the Box Brownie!"

"The last guy was so ugly, he cracked my lens!"

Thanks, John and Sandi for the amazing trip to your part of the world. Catherine was such a beautiful bride, and we definitely approve of her choice of a man. We love your family and feel so blessed to have you as our friends.

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