Tuesday, August 9, 2011


The sweet fragrance of Plumeria, a mild sea breeze, the soothing sound of ocean waves -- I love Kauai. 

We are staying at the Marriott Courtyard on Coconut Beach in Kapaa. 
Yup, this is pretty much what our room looks like except that we have only a little hedge and a strip of grass separating us from the sandy beach.
At the first glimpse of daylight we open all the shutters and slide our back door wide to see this...
and this...
 and this. 
Yes, there is a man doing Yoga on the beach.

Each morning Wayne decides the plan for the day, the men pack up their cameras, and we explore a different part of the island, searching for the most picturesque and stunning locations.

Kilauea Lighthouse

This is also a bird refuge. See all the little white dots on the hillside? These are birds.

We spotted a fuzzy red-footed booby baby getting ready to leave its nest for the first time. 

By the way, this island will soon be taken over by wild chickens. They are EVERYWHERE!

Ke'e Beach
While Wayne and Randy take photographs, I walk the amazing beaches or serve as a lens holder.

Kapaa Ward Building
 This is where we attended church on Sunday morning. The chapel is housed in a little window-laden structure all by itself. Classrooms are in a separate building.

Opaekaa Falls

The Hindu Sacred Forest

I'm surprised these two avid photographers don't get in each other's way. They are just kind and considerate of each other and have a good time sharing ideas. It's pretty cool to watch.

Wailua Falls

This rustic man was selling grass hats and such. Got a kick out of the fact that the sign in the picture clearly states "NO VENDING."

I think this stop sign needs a hair cut!

Bamboo Forest
I stepped out for about 30 seconds before running back to the car. Note to self: take bug spray! For a good shot, these men will endure ANYTHING almost.

The Spouting Horn
A pretty neat blow hole. Can't believe we missed this when we were here with Emily and Audrey a couple of years ago. They would have loved it.

Hanalei Bay

Poipu Beach
 Randy and I spent a morning snorkeling at Poipu Beach. Treacherously rocky! So glad we had water socks to protect our feet. I only have one coral gouge on my shin.
 I spotted about six kinds of colorful fish.

Here's the best one! :o) A breed of his own!
BTW: The sole of Randy's watersock was completely shredded when we finished.

Meadow off of Kuamoo Road
 Looks as if someone spilled paint all over these trees. But, these colors are the real deal. They are Rainbow Eucalyptus trees. The orange color is dried bark that peels off revealing the green color underneath.

Kilohana Plantation

We had some time to spare before our flight home, so just for kicks, we hopped the tour train at the Kilohana Plantation.

About Marsha
I met her years ago when Randy and I were first married. I saw her again years later when we moved to Sandy. By then she was in a wheel chair. Marsha was diagnosed with M.S. when she was a student at BYU studying ballet. After over thirty years this disease has taken its toll. Yet Marsha is positive, sweet, patient, agreeable, and ever smiling. Wayne takes such good care of her. It is an inspiration to be with the two of them.

Our train ride.

Our Favorites of Randy's Photographs
Kilauea Lighthouse

Taro Fields of Hanalei Valley

Ke'e Beach

Sacred Forest

Kalalau Valley - one of the wettest spots on earth.

Bamboo Forest

Hanalei Pier

Hanalei Beach

Poipu Beach

Tree Tunnel

Sunrise on Rock Quarry Beach

Rainbow Eucalyptus

What a delightful week with breathtaking photographs to remember it by. There is something amazing about experiencing a place through the eyes of a photographer. Thank you, Wayne and Marsha for inviting us to come along.

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  1. Beautiful!! I think the rainbow trees are my favorite! Just gorgeous.