Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fabulous Findings on our Family Funtrip!

#5 June Lake and the Mammoth Branch
The hotels near Mono Lake were all booked for the night, so we called Boulder Lodge up the road a few miles. They had two rooms left. "We'll take one!" It was located on the edge of June Lake, a breathtaking spot!
The gal at the desk noticed my CTR ring and asked if we were members of the LDS church. Her father-in-law just happened to be the branch president of the local branch and we were able to inquire about the particulars of the next morning's Sacrament Meeting. 
It was a tiny chapel. Only twenty-seven people attended, including the four of us and five running camp attendees (One of which was a resent convert that Audrey met at the Los Angeles Temple earlier this summer -- VERY small world). Our meeting began a bit late; Branch President McCoy was waiting for the high counsel speaker to arrive... he never did. I played the electronic piano which was equipped to play the hymns with the push of a button if needed, Randy blessed the Sacrament and gave one of five volunteer messages, the girls performed a musical number. We were happy to help. President McCoy has been a member of the church for just 18 years and has served as the Mammoth branch president for the past 17 years! This is a resort area, thus their attendance varies from week to week. Last week they had a congregation of 170, this week as mentioned, only 27 -- eight were regular members of his branch. 

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  1. I owe you girls big time for putting you on the spot for the musical number.... SORRY (sort of)