Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Sabbath

Hotel breakfast buffet is finished; the plates and food are cleared.
The room becomes completely quiet, with the exception of a clinking dish or two and the soft prelude music from the electronic piano, "I Need Thee Every Hour." The sacrament table is spread and a podium erected. Curtains surround the ballroom to give some privacy from the "outside world."

This is one of my favorite times on tour, Sacrament Meeting with the Tabernacle Choir. The singing of hymns cannot even be described -- it has to be felt. Today the Sacrament hymn just happens to be my favorite, "In Humility, Our Savior." The richness of the harmonies fill the room and obscure the piano's small sound. I, of course, can't sing a note 'cause I'm all choked up with tears... It is SO beautiful! I give up and just close my eyes and listen...

President Keys, Oklahoma City's Stake President explains that the people in their city needed something to inspire them, to help the missionary effort. He told of how we had ended up in Norman, Oklahoma; how he had prayed us there. Doors began to open. This was the only venue that did not promote its own event and yet the crowds came and filled the seats. He said, 

"I am just an oil driller, not a music promoter. The Lord takes everyday people and works miracles. He has a great work to do." 

We sing "Oh, Refresh Us" for the closing hymn, a fitting one for the long day's journey ahead.

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