Saturday, June 6, 2009


Time for our annual springtime clean up trip to Grandma and Grandpa's home in Bellevue. Audrey beefed up our family group by inviting three friends -- Shaun, Tom, and Jake. They were happy to work for FOOD!
Randy did indoor fix-up while the remainder of us trimmed and washed outdoors. It had rained and rained and the ground was just too soggy to plant flowers. Sorry, Grandma.
After Grandma's delicious lunch, Tom issued the challenge: Try to break an egg by squeezing it in the palm of one hand. Randy tried with all his might... No success. I tried -- same result. We went around the table a ways. It was Jake's turn. I took it in his hand, and gave it a powerful squeeze... That egg SHOT out of it's shell, grazed Shaun's cheek, flew past the table and landed SPLAT! right on Grandma's white curtains. I shrieked! We all sat stunned. Gratefully Grandma, herself started the laughter. Jake was more than just mortified! We cleaned up the best we could and Grandma's curtains got a good cleaning that day. YES, an egg CAN be broken by squeezing in the palm of one hand. Jake proved it!

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