Saturday, June 20, 2009

2009 Tour - Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square

4:00 AM - The alarm calls us to rise and shine. Shine? This early in the morning? Absolutely! It's tour week - and an chance to spread love and light to the people of the Midwest!  Audrey and I meet in the hallway. Great -- Our clothes match! We're going to get guff for this; no time to change. We dawn our "missionary" name tags, grab our bags, and head for the airport. We leave on a charter flight at 6:30 AM.
Audrey meets up with fellow violinist, Lauren. They will be roommates for the week. Lauren and Audrey are the youngest on the tour, I believe. Each just five feet tall - people are surprised to find out they are actually twenty-one years of age. Lauren has been called to a full-time mission in Argentina. She leaves this August.
Happy to find that we are in First Class, Randy and I settle into our very LARGE seats. I've never flown first class before!Linen table coverings and a delicious and more than ample breakfast.
As we climb through the clouds to the blue sky above, I think of President Uchtdorf's message in the Ensign this month.
"One of the things I loved most about flying was departing from a dark and rainy airport, climbing through thick and threatening winter clouds, and then suddenly breaking through the dark mist and steeply gaining altitude into the bright sunshine and endless blue sky."

"Prayer helps us transcend the stormy times. It gives us a glimpse of that blue sky that we cannot see from our earthly vantage point, and it reveals to us another vista—a glorious spiritual horizon filled with hope and the assurance of the bright blessings the Lord has promised to those who love and follow Him."

It isn't long before we spot the famous arch marking our arrival at our first destination.

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