Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Knitting with a Cause

Lynette (violin) figured that if we are going to be doing all this knitting, we might as well have an official Utah Symphony knitting circle. "Knit Two Together" meets monthly now. They share food, fun, knitting patterns, projects, and collect knitted articles for humanitarian effort and various charities. I haven't been able to attend the official meetings yet due to scheduling conflicts, but that hasn't stopped me from donating a few items.
Elizabeth (music librarian) designed a hat and booties for preemie babies. Look at the green one above.  It has an "umbilical cord" -- so cute. I took her basic pattern and designed a few variations. These will go to Primary Children's Hospital.

Lynette found this website . Warm Woolies is a non-profit organization whose volunteers knit warm clothing for orphanages in Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia, and reservations throughout the northern United States. Their goal is to knit 10.000 pieces of warm wool clothing for these children. So far, I have knit 2 of the 10,000.


  1. These knitting projects are great! Did you know that I can knit (but I haven't brushed up my skills in a while). I would love to steal a pattern for babies hats!

  2. Go Kathryn! And I'm feeling pretty special that Alexander has his own pair of warm woolie booties straight from your handiworkshop!