Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Knitting Frenzy!

Remember these little people? I took them to a Utah Symphony rehearsal to show them off to my fellow passionate knitters and they caused quite a stir. There is now a knitting frenzy spreading through the group. We knit at lunch time, on breaks, on buses and share techniques and patterns. It's pretty fun! 

Lisa (string bass) knit a felted purse (pattern sent out by Lois - violin) and I just HAD to try this technique, which was totally new to me.  The purse is knit with wool on sizable needles and is absolutely giant until it is washed twice in hot water. It then shrinks up to a smallish purse just one-half its original size. The amazing thing is, it hardly looks knit at all -- more like one solid fabric! I've knit four purses so far; here are my first couple.

My nephew Colby and his wife Cami have a new baby girl, Imogen Kiera Slaughter. I knit these up and made a card to send their way. (Knitted flower pattern courtesy of Lynette - violin.)

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  1. you are amazing! How you get all these done and still be an excellent wife, mother and grandmother, I will never comprehend, but I am happy that you are fulfilled.