Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Washer and a Prayer

It's been a particularly trying week.  I accepted too many playing jobs and really wore myself out. No time available for the usual homemaking tasks.  This morning was a welcome relief. Today was to be my catch-up day -- today I planned to attack the mess that had accumulated and the mounds of laundry that have filled my laundry room. Today I will take care of erasing Audrey's name that she so sweetly wrote in the dust in the computer room and I will finally fill the fridge with much needed staple foods -- all before tonight's Symphony concert.

But with my first load of laundry, the washer motor quit.  I turned the knob and pulled it off and on numerous times. After all these years and countless batches of laundry, it gave up the ghost. I think MY MOTOR quit too. I sighed... rather beaten, I might add, and sat down to do.... nothing. Then a thought came to me: If faith can move mountains, maybe it can start a washing machine.  I said a simple prayer and with a smile on my face I walked up to the washer and pulled the knob.  The washer gave me its very familiar  and welcomed spinning sound!

Just then from my IPOD I heard, "Don't give up.  It's just the weight of the world.  You are loved." This morning I KNOW that I am loved.


  1. You are an amazing women. I have had days like that and all I can do is get on my knees and ask the Lord for one more home run before the day ends. I always seem to stand a little taller when I am on my knees. Love ya. Em

  2. Thanks for the inspiration! It's these small seemingly insignificant events that are the true mountains moved in our hearts. I love this post. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Is it embarrassing that I am ready to bawl nmy eyes out over this post about laundry? You are so what I need every day. I find myself saying what would my mom do just as often as I think what would jesus do. What an incredible way to share your faith. Mom you are seriously who I hope to be little prayer at a time.

  4. That is a fantastic story. You have no idea how many times that song has helped me through a lot of hard days. Who knew Josh Groban could give so much comfort? You are loved mom, and not only by heavenly father! I love you too!