Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sweetheart Day 2009

February 14.  Sweetheart Day is a favorite family tradition which originated when we lived in Burley and the twins were 8, Michael 6, Emily 4, and Audrey just walking.  It's a day to celebrate family love, go on a special "date", practice some etiquette... you get the idea.  It has evolved into something to look forward to.

This year we flew Emily's "sweetheart", Clint, here from Texas.  (Randy had a free flight on Southwest.) 
No family member with a special someone should be alone on Sweetheart Day! 

Lunch for all at Chili's.  Gammie and Potts' treat!
We FINALLY convinced Audrey to bring a friend.  She chose Shawn - and gave him just ten minutes to get ready. 

Valentine necklace designed by Lily.

Randy raced off to the dentist to have his teeth fixed (thanks to his sweetheart) and I raced off to play for Ballet West's "Madame Butterfly."  Clint and Emily came to enjoy. 

We reconvened at the Stake Dinner/Dance.
They look like Sweethearts!

So do they!

Real MEN don't line dance?

Audrey stayed home to tend Evylee.
With all her "no significant other" friends.  Notice the ratio of boys to girls.  hmmm. They made sugar cookies and played games.  Evylee received the royal treatment! 

We missed Jenni and Mark, Payton and Sadie!  We didn't feel complete.  They had a Sweetheart Day of their own.  You've just got to see it!  (Click on the blue "see it")

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