Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rejoice and Be Merry - A Party with the Prophet

Each year in December, the Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square celebrate with a memorable Christmas Party at the Grand America.  Always an amazingly delicious dinner -- good entertainment too.  Over 500 members attend, each with a guest of his/her choice. 

I spent the day sewing a new skirt for the occasion, but when I saw Audrey and Emily all dressed up in their festive red and black, I changed my mind and dug out my Christmas red dress.  I will save my new skirt for another occasion.  I couldn't be left out, you know.  
Audrey has chosen her sister as her guest for the past two years; I of course, have taken my sweetheart.

It is great to be in the presence of the prophet and to hear him speak.
He and others thank us for our service and sacrifice as members of the choir and orchestra. How can it truly be a sacrifice when this is such a blessing and joy?  Another highlight occurs at the end of the evening when we all join in singing "Silent Night".  This gathering produces a pretty awesome sound if I may say so myself.

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