Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Good Fortune

Received my third and last steroid injection this evening at Dr. Alldredge’s Bountiful office. He seemed pleased with the immediate and positive results. 

Dr. Digre’s office called me this morning. I explained my situation and chosen emergency treatment and it prompted a call from Barbara who is directing the clinical study. I am all set up for an MRI on Monday.

We took the opportunity to dine at the Mandarin since we were already in Bountiful. Enjoyed a wonderful meal together. The steroids leave an awful metallic taste in my mouth; water tastes like liquid ear wax, but lucky for me, my General Tso’s chicken tasted great. 

After dinner I cracked my fortune cookie and handed Randy the slip of serendipity to read -- my eyes were having some difficulty. I knew I was in trouble when he teared up and handed it back to me. I did my little squinty thing (it seems to help my vision a bit) and read:

God must have a hand in making fortune cookies. This particular one was made especially for me.
"I think miracles exist in part as gifts
 and in part as clues that there is something 
beyond the flat world we see"
-- Peggy Noonan


  1. Love this! You are wonderful and such an amazing example!

  2. That certainly was a day to remember!