Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The "Treasure" Hunt

A week or so before Christmas, Jenni issued a warning about Sadie and Payton's Christmas gift, "Just remember they came up with it all by themselves... I'm more excited about their gift to you than any other gift!" 
We opened it last --

It was a map! We were going on a treasure hunt!

Here's what we were asked to do:
  • Eat an onion?
  • Sit in a chair for what? Three hours?

  • Sing a Christmas carol and do a dance. (Okay, that's not so bad!)

  • Hop from one room to the next
  • Play a video game

Lucky for us, Payton and Sadie were in a REALLY BIG hurry to get back to their Christmas toys and the "hunt" only lasted for about five minutes.
 (They didn't make us eat an onion!)

And what a treasure we found! Thanks, kids, for the amazing adventure!

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