Monday, August 6, 2012

I "See" Some Improvement!

It’s 5:35 am. I’m not certain the steroids were expected to work so quickly; I was told it might take weeks or months even, but I really do see some improvement this morning! The tears of gratitude just keep coming! Now to pray that today’s spinal tap and scores of blood tests come back normal.

The procedure was scheduled for 9:00 am. First thing, I asked the nurse if she could remove my I.V. since I was all finished with my infusions. She shook her head and said she could get in BIG TROUBLE (actually she said she would get her “butt kicked”) if she took it out. She told me I would have to call a home health nurse through the same company that put it in. Then she looked at me sympathetically and said, “I will do it on one condition; that you don’t tell a soul.” I promised (this blog doesn’t count, right?) She locked the door, and freed my arm from the itchy contraption. I was SO happy to have my arm again!

She took my blood pressure - of course it was high. It is every time I go to the doctor. Then my temperature - 100.7 degrees, and I was flushed too -- It was the steroids. Gained 6 pounds in 3 days -- again, the steroids. Nice I could blame it on something besides myself.

The spinal tap (lumbar puncture) took about a half an hour. It was performed by another optic neurologist who already knew all there was about me. The anesthetic was WAY more uncomfortable than the spinal itself. As the doctor drew the fluid, she noticed that it exhibited higher than normal pressure. This she mentioned, could account for the slight inflammation in the optic nerve of my good eye. Dr. Adesina detected this on my first visit, but Dr. Digre thought it might just be a part of my anatomy.

She removed four vials of fluid and showed them to me. Spinal fluid is as thin and clear as any of the purest water I have ever seen. I was amazed; I had no idea. She explained the possibility of acquiring a spinal headache. The spinal fluid holds up the brain and supports the skull. The skull drops down a bit when it is removed. Solution? Lie down.

I had nine vials of blood removed for testing also. I should be able to call about results tomorrow. 

I lazied the rest of the day on the couch. Matthew and Audrey took great care of me and David came to mow the backyard for which I was very grateful. No spinal headache! My back is just a little sore, that’s all.


  1. Did you actually have a headache, or was the only symptom the eyesight? I'm flabbergasted - this is crazy! SO glad things are looking up. Thinking of you!

  2. Love you Kathryn! Praying you are supported and encouraged and comforted through this whole process. <3