Wednesday, June 20, 2012

AJ for a Week

Emily, Joe, and AJ are living in Boise for the summer. Joe is clerking with Chief Judge Winmill. Having them just six hours away feels a lot better than clear across the country. They were able to come for Memorial Day which was THE BEST!
After the ballgame and food fun, Joe headed back to work in Boise and Emily prepared cupcakes for a friends wedding in Arizona. She left the next day and...
AJ was with me for a whole week! What an easy-going little guy. I don’t know how his parents did it, but he LOVES nap-time and takes two lengthy ones a day. I just laid him in the portable bed, gave him his binky and soft puppy, and covered him with his blanket.  He SMILED at me as if to THANK me! No whining, no fussing. It was unbelievable! Then again, Katie and David’s little Paisley does the same thing. Maybe little ones are just different these days.
Does he ever like to imitate! Here is AJ mimicking Potts’ watermelon-eating face.

We made a visit to Potts’ studio --

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