Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Two "Note"able Gigs

David Archuleta

When I am called to play a recording session, seldom do I know beforehand what the project will be. I just show up to the appointed place about 20 minutes before the appointed time.

This session was a fun surprise -- David Archuleta, runner-up in the seventh season of American Idol, was making a new album. He will not be around when it is released sometime this summer; he accepted a mission call for the LDS church and left the day after our session. He will be serving in Chile for the next two years.

I grabbed these shots with my iPhone while he wasn't looking. :o)

But I couldn't get a shot of him in action -- while he was singing, I was busy playing; so I stole this one from Kurt Bestor's Facebook page.

What a great example of testimony and devotion! David is bound to be a very successful missionary. His new album is something to look forward to.  Please watch for its release.

Jackie Evancho

I was called to play a concert at the Maverick Center for the very young, Jackie Evancho, runner up in the fifth season of America's Got Talent. Just shy of twelve years old, she has a very mature and power-house voice!
She's an adorable little thing. Her audience was enthralled!
I can't help but wonder what her future has in store for her.


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  2. Grats on the nice gigs!! And thanks for writing about David. He worked so hard to leave new stuff for his fans before his mission. In 10 weeks, in addition to numerous live and TV appearances and press conferences in the Philippines and one in Singapore for Fox, David was filmed as leading man in a 5-week Philippines miniseries Nandito Ako (his first real acting gig), recorded the classic Philippines OPM album Forevermore (plus one, maybe two music videos for that) and then came back to the US and worked until his last day on the album you played on. We are looking forward to the album very much. People can follow David on Twitter - he's DavidArchie - and while he's on his mission his manager Kari will post news and post David's tweets for him there. #DA2014