Sunday, April 1, 2012

Separate Ways...for a Couple of Days

I was called to play with the Utah Symphony -- a three-day chamber education tour to three small schools on the western side of Southern Utah.

Potts participated in a photo excursion to the eastern side of Southern Utah.

Same week. Same days.

Here is the view from outside MY hotel window -- 

Here is the view from outside HIS hotel window --

Here is where I went --



Here's where Potts went --
 Monument Valley


Beautiful photographs, Potts!

It was nice to meet up again at home on Sunday evening to share our experiences.

Hey! I almost forgot... I DID get to see where Butch Cassidy grew up! 
(Photograph taken with my iPhone through the bus window.)

Separate ways for a couple of days.... Each of us doing what we love; sharing the gifts we've been given.

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