Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I was asked to perform Handel's Messiah with Craig Jessop's American Festival Chorus. With a rehearsal in Logan Friday evening and another rehearsal and performance in Logan on Saturday, Randy and I decided to make it a mini-getaway. I looked up hotels in Logan and found the University Inn and Conference Center right smack-dab in the middle of the Utah State campus, just a three to five minute walk from the Kent Concert Hall where I was to be involved. So convenient.

We had Saturday morning to ourselves. Enjoyed a complimentary continental breakfast at the hotel, then took a nice long walk enjoying the perfect spring sunshine. The campus was beautifully pristine. The trees were abloom and filled the air with a sweet perfume.

We made a stop at the Nutrition and Food Sciences Department

for a scoop of world famous Aggie Ice Cream, compliments of the hotel. My choice? Bull Tracks of course; peanut butter and chocolate is a MUST. Randy chose Raspberries and Cream. 

Our dairy adventures weren't over with that. A side trip to the Gossner Dairy just goes hand in hand with a drive to Logan; cheese-lover that I am.  Just have to do a little for cheese tasting and pick up a couple of bricks of Pepper Jack and Sharp Cheddar.  Speaking of.... just a minute, I'll be right back.... I need to go taste a slice.   

While I rehearsed in the afternoon, Randy drove to Kaysville for an appointment there and we met up for dinner.

I pushed the button on my iPhone and asked "Siri" where we should eat. She recommended a variety of places. El Toro Viejo was given five stars.

Ummm. GREAT Mexican Food! I've put this place on my list of "must haves" in Logan. I had the recommended Lime/Cilatro Chicken, our server's favorite. Just a note: they serve huge portions!! -- next time we will split a meal.

The concert was a BLAST (with the exception of the page juggling that I had to maneuver. Meredith and I missed one entrance because I happened to have the wrong page up. sigh. Wish we had had just one more rehearsal just so that I could practice turning pages!)

Anyway -- Maestro Jessop's enthusiasm for the music is contagious. I so enjoy performing under his baton... It just happens to be ANOTHER great reason to drive to Logan.

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  1. LUCKY!! I miss Maestro Jessop terribly. Sounds like a perfect getaway!! Wait... just a minute... I'll be right back I have to go taste my shredded cheese from Costco... nope, just not as good as Logan cheese. LUCKY DUCK AGAIN to eat cheese and ice cream and mexican food, but thanks for the restaurant recommendation- we go to Logan often enough that I'll have to look it up. Who needs Siri when I've got my own Kathryn? :-)