Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sweetheart Day 2012

We started this tradition when the kids were little ( Feb.1988, I think - the twins were just 6 years old.)  It began as an "etiquette" night the evening of Valentine's Day; we'd dress up, the boys would greet the girls at the front door with flowers, and take us to a "nicer" restaurant, seat us, order for us, etc.

Now that our children each have his/her very own "Sweetheart," this day has become something a bit more meaningful. We begin by attending the temple, serving as proxy sweethearts, sealing husbands and wives together who did not have the opportunity in mortality. I am overwhelmed with feelings of love and gratitude as we are there, each dressed in white (a symbol of cleanliness and purity). I thank my good children and husband too for living their lives in such a way as to enable us to experience this together. 

And then Potts treats us all to dinner. This year we chose Olive Garden. We talk and laugh and fill up a little too much. It's SO much fun! Definitely one of my FAVORITE days of the year! We missed you, Jenni, Mark, Emily, and Joe and hope you had a wonderful Sweetheart Day on your own!

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