Friday, February 24, 2012

Because I Happened to Be There...

LOVED our days in Seattle.
It gave Randy the chance to photograph the kids. It's been a while.
Jenni hoped for a couple to hang in her music room.

Met Tim for lunch at University Village.

Despite the chilly weather, the kids had a ball playing in the fountains.

Worried about the increasingly bad weather through Snoqualmie Pass, we gave Randy, Audrey, and Matthew our goodbye hugs. I would be flying home in three days.

Jenni, asked if I might hang around for a while to take care of Payton and Sadie. Mark was making a business trip to D.C. and Jenni was hoping to join him and spend a day or two with Emily. Emily and baby AJ would make the two-hour drive from Charlottesville and meet her there. Sounded like a plan!

The kids were as good as gold; we had a such a GREAT time together. 

I got a big kick out of my Sadie! She says the funniest things!

We were watching Mr. Poppers penguins. When Angela Lansbury (age 89) entered the picture as Mrs. Van Gundy, Sadie exclaimed, "Gammie, she looks like YOU!


What do YOU think?

I know.... SCARY!


  1. okay mom that was completely scary...just wasn't what I expected as the last picture! Too funny! Thanks again for being with my kids. I'm glad you had a good time.

  2. YOU ARE SO FUNNY!! And this is why I love you! You do NOT look like her, nice try with the photoshoppy.
    Cute grandkids! You are lucky and so are they to have you. I sorta think Sadie looks like Potts!