Saturday, November 12, 2011

My New Phone

Up until my birthday, I was a fan of the simple cell phone -- just dial and talk, that's all.  When Potts went to pick up the newest IPHONE, he somehow convinced me that I really NEEDED to have one too. Audrey joined us with one of her own.

I have entered the world of APS, Siri, digital calendering, texting, internet capability... you name it, this phone can do it (except wash dishes.) I'll have to admit it is loads of fun and I've become quite dependent on it.

Ethan and My New Phone

Ethan (18 months) is here for the day. He is doing his own thing up and down the stairs and I am doing mine in the kitchen. Suddenly, I hear Ethan let out a blood-curdling scream! He tries to run but trips over the baby gate and slides all the way into the kitchen on his stomach, screaming uncontrollably!

What is going on? I wonder. I scoop him up to comfort him and creep into the living room expecting to see a big hairy monster or something. It was then that I heard it; a quacking coming from my purse. My new phone was "ringing" the DUCK sound I had programmed on it. "QUACK - QUACK-QUACK-QUACK!" It had scared the little guy to death! I laughed and pulled it out of my purse to show him. He stopped crying immediately with a puzzled "what?" look on his face.

So cute! I giggle every time I think about it.

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