Saturday, June 11, 2011

Remembing Grandpa Collier -- a Memorial Service

This event took place on the lawn of his own home. The rain that was expected, stayed up in the clouds. It was a beautiful day for friends and family to gather and remember Randy's father who passed away last December.

The kids and I provided prelude music --
A great opportunity for Michael to dust off his cello

And for David to pull out Papa Slaughter's clarinet.

Randy and his siblings shared memories and thoughts about their father.

Sarah - Dad was "ready" and not afraid to move on.
Randy - When life throws you down, jump right back up into the saddle.
Tim - Dad is still with us and watching out for us.
Denny - Dad was a good man and offered sound advice.

Emily, accompanied by our family string quartet, sang "Homeward Bound" a fitting song about pastures and going home. (Grandpa loved farming.)

A printed and bound memory book, compiled by Jenni, and containing letters and pictures from children, grandchildren, and spouses, was presented to Grandma.

Cookies were made by granddaughters and other relatives.

Dollie and her four children.

Cousins became reacquainted. We hadn't seen Alison (far right) for over 10 years.

Jenni met Aaron Joseph for the first time this weekend.

Boys will be Boys!

Playing "Hide and Seek" -- Evylee's favorite game.

Our family with Grandma
(missing five great-grandchildren)

Extended Family

What a wonderful day to reminisce and feel the warmth of family togetherness.

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