Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wedding Story Part 2 - The Celebration!

Add a few tables and chairs, sheer drapes, Chinese lanterns, and flowers and POOF! Randy's photography studio turns into a fancy reception hall! And a convenient place to stage reception photos.

The Attendants
Crystal, Jordan, Tiffany, Emily, Logan, Daniel

The Family
The Taylors

The Colliers

Nieces and Nephews

I had made my grand-daughters little white dresses with changeable ribbons (good for two weddings - resourceful thinking, huh?)

We gave this photo a good try, but it was tricky!

How does one keep six little tots (and all the big tots) happy during a wedding reception?

CANDY!! And LOTS of it!
Audrey had one absolute for her wedding reception and that was a candy "bar." Don't ask me how many pounds of blue and green candy we acquired, because I couldn't tell you, but it was A LOT! It must have been a hit, because we didn't have much left over!
Fruit is good too, huh, Sadie?!

Video Games helped in the happiness department!

And an extra arm or two.

The Food
BYU Food to Go saved us in this department. They have GREAT chicken salad (the celery is chopped fine and that's the way I like it). Tasty croissants and yummy brownies. We dressed up their chopped greens with self-candied almonds, craisins, chopped apples, strawberries, and green onions. The sweet dressing was a hit. (Remind me sometime to post the recipe.)

Help from Heaven
And these are my angels! They truly are. Kathy and Emily are friends from Orchestra at Temple Square. Emily brought her two girls along. My big brother, Mark and his wife, Alice completed the Kitchen Krew. They worked non-stop to keep tummies happy. I give them hugs and kisses. I didn't have to worry about a thing!

Ashley and Nikole kept the tables clean. It was their idea to wear their white baptism dresses. Aren't they adorable!

The Music

These are Audrey's friends from BYU -- Aubrey Smith and her string quartet. They were outstanding!

and CUTE too!

Some MUST dance! That's my Emily!

Family and Friends Galore

Their Car
No Fair tasting the decorations, Emily!

AND Joe!

Their Cake

The Bouquet Toss
Cami and Tiffany had the gall to DODGE it when it came their way! What were you thinking, you two!

And Nikole was the winner!

Before the Great Getaway

Bye, Sweetheart! Here's to a wonderful, magical life!

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  1. What a great day! I am reminded of it every morning as I pass through the entry way and grab yet another blue gum ball to eat on the way to work.... I think I shall always have a gum ball every day... At least until I die.