Sunday, June 20, 2010

Just my Father and Me -

Today I found an afternoon to be with my father - just the two of us. Randy is in Italy and my children are away...

I fed him lots of jello - he loves that; and we listened to and talked music together.

Sometimes he forgets....
The simple things
Where he lives
What to do
What to say
How to live
Who I am

But today I am clearly his daughter. He loves and appreciates me. I love and appreciate him.

It is good for me to remember...
The way he loved my mother above all
How it felt to have my father as a high school teacher
The marvelous musical experiences he afforded me
The beautiful and prophetic priesthood blessings he gave me as a child
His fervent testimony that he so willingly shared

Happy Father's Day, Dad.

I will not forget.


  1. You have turned into the creative one. Love the sentiments and feel the same...

  2. Just saw this post. I know I am late, but let me echo the sentiment! I love your dad and have a million memories of him from the time we were little and neighbors, to when he started teaching me to play the clarinet at age 10 and on through high school, my teacher for both band and orchestra. Please greet him for me. He may not remember me, but like you, I do remember! (P.S. Does he still whistle? I never whistle without thinking of your dad! Seriously! He was an AMAZING whistler! Haha! The things you remember.....) <3