Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Last weekend's Utah Symphony concert was EXHAUSTING but oh, so fun! Here are a couple of "out of the ordinary" happenings that are worth remembering:

Latvian violinist, Baiba Skride, gave a an amazing performance of the Brahms Violin Concerto. On Friday evening, right at the climax of the last movement, the E-string peg on her Stradivarious slipped. She attempted to retune it, but us unable to in a speedy fashion, so she quickly exchanged violins with our concertmaster, Ralph, and resumed playing, ending the work in a glorious fashion. UNBELIEVABLE!

The most memorable event of the evening occurred after the concert. I had spotted President Dieter F. Uchtdorf in the "box" seats during our performance; he is an avid supporter of the arts and I have seen him in many an audience. After the concert as I left the stage and entered the musicians lounge, he was being escorted through by the symphony CEO to meet the new conductor. He walked toward me with a smile on his face and we shook hands. Undoubtedly, he recognized me from my roll in the Orchestra at Temple Square; I was thrilled! I SO admire him. I told him how nice it was to see him, he expressed his delight at the excellence of the concert.


  1. I heard the concert was great ~ I was so sad to have to miss it. Glad I can live it through you!

  2. Yeah for you. I always enjoy seeing you when the Temple Square Orchestra is playing. I always point you out and say there is Kathryn. I know her. Lov eya.

  3. How cool! That must have been so neat that he recognized you and you got to shake his hand!!!!! So jealous :)

  4. As if the music you were playing weren't thrilling enough... you gotta love having surprises like those!

    And Kathryn, Elder Uchdorf of course recognized his OTS Mary Lou!