Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Best is Yet to Be

To my Randy,

It's been 29 years today. I fondly recall...
  • the day you asked me to be your wife... Somehow you knew I didn't need more than 10 minutes to make my decision.
This photograph was taken that very day. Remember?
  • how you, my parents, and I all slept in the same hotel room the night before our wedding day.
  • the fact that your wedding ring didn't quite fit, but I shoved it on anyway. Did you not even wonder at that point?
  • that early morning nine months later when you called my parents and announced, "It's a girl.... and a boy!"
  • how embarrassed I was when you preformed grocery cart ballet in the grocery store. Do you remember drenching my back with the vegetable sprayer?
  • how you make people smile.
  • how you were late for dinner one winter night because you helped pull three cars out of the snow.
  • your faith and determination the year you lost your job.
  • the morning you shaved the mustache that had adorned your face for as long as I had known you. How you climbed back into bed, tapped me on the shoulder, and made me scream!
  • the day I sat in awe of your extreme patience with our teenage children; "I don't want to have any regrets," you explained.
  • how nearly every meal I cook is somehow your "favorite".
  • the anniversary you declared, while shaking your head, "We've been married for 17 stinkin' long years!"
  • how warm and comforting your hands feel as you place them on my head and bless me to overcome.... headaches, fear, frustration, fevers.
  • how you manage to make me laugh when I'm in a bad mood.
  • how you still like to hold my hand.
  • that evening when you were called as the bishop or our ward. It's an amazing feeling to realize the Lord knows you like I know you.
  • the day I was suffering from self-imposed whip lash. You washed and rubbed my feet to help me feel better.
  • how you lovingly endure concert after concert after concert.
  • how every day is a new adventure.
  • The day you became "Potts" and I became "Gammie".
  • how your eyes tear up when you remember my mother.
  • how gently you care for my father.
  • how you dance with our grand-babies.
  • how you dance with me!
There were those who thought I was taking a chance marrying a photographer. I had no doubts when I said, "Yes". With you, life has been a dream and just keeps getting better.

Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart!
I love you.


  1. Thank you so much for every moment of every day for the past 29 years! You are my queen and the joy of my life. You have provided EVERYTHING for me and our 5 wonderful children throughout the years... Unselfish and Christlike in every deed and thought.

    You are my Hero.... and I love you!

    Here's to another 29 years... and beyond

  2. I cried through this whole thing, then read it to Brent and cried again. How lucky to have you both as an example.

  3. How cute!!

    I hope Seth and I are like that in 25 years!