Friday, September 25, 2009

"Must Do's" in Siena

Visit the Duomo and enjoy its ornate romanesque architecture.
(It's main facade was completed in 1380!)

Sit for a spell with everyone else and people watch at the Piazza del Campo. This spot is famous for hosting the Palio horse race.

Climb the Torre del Mangia.
Randy wasn't feeling too hot, so he draped me with his camera and long lense, and I ventured up the very narrow (if my hips had been any wider, I wouldn't have fit) steps to the very top -- an unbelievable experience!
The view of the city below is breathtaking!

Take an evening stroll with the men.
Notice they walk with their hands behind their backs.

Observe the ladies all dressed up for the evening obviously waiting for something.

Enjoy a late evening outdoor meal at the Spadaforte Pizzeria.
And your day in Siena is COMPLETE!

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