Friday, May 8, 2009

"Whatever you build... build it to last."

May 8, 2009 - Congratulations to David who graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics! We are so pleased with his accomplishments.

I was so impressed with the Commencement Address given by David McCullough, renowned author and historian. He left us with plenty to ponder. Here are some thoughts worth remembering:
"...I see the Brooklyn Bridge as emblematic of the call I wish to make to you of the graduating Class of 2009 to give serious thought to what you wish to accomplish in your turn in your time, and how you wish to be remembered by history.

So what will we build in the years ahead? What will you build, you of the new generation upon whom so many high hopes are riding?
How will history regard you in years to come - you who are part of this over-ripe, shadowed, uncertain time which has understandably given rise to so many grave forebodings about the future?

Will you help navigate the troubled waters? Will you rise above avarice and indifference and self-pity? Will you be a generation of builders, not more mere spectators who leave creativity and performance and responsibility to others?
Will you take what you have learned here as inspiration to still greater learning?

Will you make your lives count?

The easy answer is - time will tell. The better answer, I think, is - it's up to you. more history, you who are about to commence to the next part of the journey. Read all you can in all fields. Never stop reading and especially books that have stood the test of time.
And make it your practice to ask people about themselves and what they've learned from experience. Don't ever forget that there isn't a man or woman, no matter their appearance or station in life, who doesn't know something, or how to do something, that you don't.
Whatever you build -- figuratively or literally -- build it to last.

(Postscript: David received a job offer from American Fork High School! He will be teaching 6 classes of Algebra II and Geometry.)


  1. Mom...he's a good one! Go Dave! You deserve it all! Cool thoughts by the way!

  2. Another amazing Collier! Way to go guys! Loved the thoughts, btw.