Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Graduate (part 2)

All the inns were full, but we located a room at the Blue Heron Bed and Breakfast located on the Snake River seven miles north of Rexburg.
Of course we found this wonderful place on our last trip to Rexburg.
We awoke to a beautiful sunrise
and enjoyed a breakfast of fresh fruit, scones and quiche before heading to Emily's last graduation event.


President Clark asked the graduates to remember:

1. Keep the Spirit with you. You will need the pure, cleansing, healing strengthening power of the Holy Ghost.

2. Serve the Lord. Always accept and magnify your callings.

3. Don't let the world get into your heart. Never set your heart on the things of the world. Pay a full tithing - This will leave the world out of your heart and the Lord in.

Elder Anderson spoke of Wisdom, encouraging discernment and judgement in the application of knowledge. God's wisdom is pure and perfect. The wisdom of the world is most valuable when it bows to the wisdom of God. Not all wisdom is created equal. We must yield our will to the wisdom of God.
Randy and I attended a session at the Rexburg temple.
Then celebrated at Emily's favorite restaurant, Red Robin, with Emily and her friend, Jordan, before heading back home.
Emily is touring Southern California with Vocal Union for the next two weeks. After that? Life is an open book and a new beginning!

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