Sunday, March 22, 2009

Emily's Best

In fact, it was better than her best! Emily's senior recital was amazing. I sat in the audience in awe... so pleased to call her mine. 
Emily's Vocal Union Director, Nori Brower, served as accompanist (and even performed a solo entitled "Emily" while Emily made a clothing change.) 

Emily began her recital by singing a few classical numbers -"Oh! Quand je dors" by Liszt, 
"Quando Men vo" by Puccini, and my personal favorite, "Homeward Bound" by Marta Keen.

Sacred Music included "Precious Savior" as a duet with Audrey, 
"The Lord's Prayer" with three of her friends, and "Be Still My Soul" as a solo.

Jazz was next, with her grandparent's love song, "All the Things You Are", then "My Romance", "I Could Write a Book," 
and an adorable rendition of "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" with her friends.

Emily was so fortunate to have her jazz coach as accompanist. Sister Brower has an amazing gift for improvisation. She was incredible!

Emily closed the program with two Broadway Hits, "Still Hurting" 
from The Last Five Years (so tender - I had to wipe the tears away), and "Shopping Around" from Wish You Were Here.

Emily has such a versatile voice. Jazz is her favorite and it is easy to tell that she feels most comfortable in that style, but I'll have to say that I was so tickled with her classical.  I've never heard her sing full voice in that genre before.  She knocked my socks off!

Emily's teacher, Elizabeth Bossard

Congratulations, Emily!  You deserve a boatload of roses, and hugs, and kisses! I am so proud of you. Please keep singing; I need your sweet voice!


  1. BRAVO!

    I think that is the correct comment. I loved every minute of it. I am a "proud" dad. Never stop singing!

  2. I just saw these pics off Facebook. I SO wish I could've gone to see/hear her, but I'm sure she did awesome! She's always been amazing! Miss her and miss you!!!

  3. I loved Sister Bossard! You have such talented daughters.