Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th... or... All He Wants Tomorrow are His Two Front Teeth

We were playing racquetball. It was game point for the both of us (only because Randy plays left-handed when he plays with me.) Randy served the ball then faced the front wall ready for his next move. I wasn't about to let him win, so I swung with all my might to hit the ball against the back wall, but I hit Randy in the face instead! He kept spitting pieces of tooth. I honestly thought I had taken out his whole mouth. Turns out I crushed the bottom halves of his two front teeth and loosened them good. He looked pretty scary -- like he came from the back woods of Arkansas or something. I was mortified and had difficulty sleeping that night. I so wanted to take back those few seconds! Randy is supposed to work in a trade show in Vegas next week! We raced home and made an emergency call to Dr. Bigelow who was good enough to spend three hours of his Valentine's Day fixing Randy's front teeth -- a temporary fix, but they actually look quite nice! I am SO relieved.

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