Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Birthday, Randy!

Randy was tagged by me on Facebook and challenged to write the 25 Random Things about himself.  Well he passed it right back to me and said he wanted ME to write them "for his birthday" this Friday, so I did!

1. Randy was born in Santa Ana and is still a California kid at heart.

2. Was potty trained at nine months - so his mother says.

3. At age 2, he was found by his mother at the bottom 
of their swimming pool. He never has been able to float.

4. He learned to swim by age four.

5. Moved from California to an antiquated farm near Sun Valley at the age of twelve.

6. Had a trained featherless chicken named Ajax. (The chicken would actually come when called.) Too bad his dog ate it.

7. Made his own 6 ft. unicycle out of a bicycle.

8. Was a star football player and pole vaulter. No one has even come close to the pole vaulting record he set at Wood River High.

9. Was a "hot dog" skier. He practiced ski jumping off the manure piles on his farm.

10. Attended college on a track scholarship, but was kicked out of Boise State as a senior because of an alleged unreturned library book.

11. Learned sign language so he could communicate with a deaf roommate.

12. Nicknamed "Radar"

13. Converted to the LDS religion at age 20.

14. First saw me in 1976 and kept a picture of me in his wallet. We didn't meet until three years later.

15. Had an afro, mustache, motorcycle, and chevy van when we met.

16. Favorite place on the planet? Hawaii. Disneyland is a close second.

17. Is scuba certified.

18. Favorite thing in the world (besides me)? ICE CREAM hands down!

19. Eats Cinnamon Toast Crunch every morning for breakfast.

20. Doesn't like to wear a suit or tie. Its ironic that as bishop he changes into them nearly every day.

21. Is as passionate about Photoshop as he is about Photography and is absolutely amazing at both.

22. Is a kid magnet. Maybe because he is still one at heart.

23. Will do about anything to please me, his adorable wife, including giving me all the answers he THINKS I want to hear.

24. Is the KINDEST man you will ever meet.

25. Randy is the world's # one husband, father, and grandfather. I am so blessed to call him mine. 

Love You, Randy! May I have a kiss now?


  1. kiss - hug - kiss - kiss

    Thanks for the embarrassing moment.... But I love you - forever!

  2. WOW!! I thought my husband was unique . . . but I think Randy takes the cake :)
    What a wonderful family!