Sunday, December 14, 2008

Civics Go 'Round

Audrey went car shopping hoping to find a used car for about $5000.00.  After a very discouraging but educational couple of days, she declared, "I don't appreciate dishonesty by car sales people called Hector or Hildibob or any other name for that matter!!!"   She asked if she could just buy my 2002 Civic (which by the way has quite a few miles on it at this point, but has been a VERY dependable and good car.  No accidents here!)  That meant that now I had to shop for a car.  It was very easy.  I knew exactly what I was looking for:  a 2009 blue hybrid civic with leather seats and a navigation system.  Audrey was so excited that on our way home from Idaho the day after Thanksgiving, she called all the dealers from Twin Falls to Sandy and we actually found ONE at the Larry Miller Honda Dealership in Murray.  We dropped by and an hour later, I drove home in a brand new Civic.

Audrey gave me a healthy down payment and away she went in her first car.
My navigation system is a kick!  I talk to it and it actually talks back!  I feel like I'm the Knight Rider or something.  Only problem is, we don't always understand each other at this point.  I asked it to play my IPOD and it replied, "FAN #8"  and actually BLASTED me with cold air. Our communication will improve with time, I'm certain.  


  1. Hey congrats on the new car.... what did Knight Rider call it? Kit? Something like that. You'll have to name yours for sure!! BTW, we REALLY missed you this week. I'll bet you had fun playing for Kurt, too, but WE are totally where the party was at!!
    Emily R.

  2. I want to see a picture of your new car!